"As soon as you step into the Galerie Leo.Coppi... you are confronted with a little man balancing on top of a tall tower. A full two meters high, the bronze sculpture suggests strength, and the little man on top looks down at us with more than a trace of illustriousness..."
Tagesspiegel, 12 June 2010
"Bischoff broadens the spectrum and makes way for the intensity of the human figures by Stephan Balkenhol and the fantastic looking “Mondwagen” (moon chariot) by Berlin-based sculptor Michael Jastram. Two wheels, a long, almost ladder-like bridge extension, which is tied to a slender tower or mast. On the protruding arm of the bronze sculpture, the broken crescent of the moon lies next to two human figures, who sit unobtrusively at the foot of the tower... Balkenhol’s coarsely worked figures have a remarkable depth about them, while Jastram surprises us with an airy lightness that reveals an imagination steeped in symbols of panoramic scope..."
Mittelbadische Zeitung - Baden online, September 2009
"... Over the past 15 years Michael Jastram has consistently developed his work. Long ago the men of the north disemboweled a whale and started building huts. Soon these huts were put on stilts, equipped with a ladder, and the stilts turned into buildings that resembled the phallic towers of San Gimignano. The ladders became steps and the towers grew. In an exhibition in Hanover in 2001, Jastram surprised us with a huge broken wheel from the story of the cart. The wheel turned into chariots, which soon became bridges and later carried the sun and the moon. The themes were continuously developed until a new subject was found ..."
Die Welt, Der Stier ist Kraft und Schutz, 25 July 2008
"... against them stand the sculptures, all of medium height, tangible and realistic at first, but increasingly open to associations due to their abstract constructs and combinations of wheels, chariot figures, ladders and solid blocks. Here too, we see how symbolic codes open the way to the heart, freeing our thoughts and feelings ..."
Die Welt, 7 September 2007
"The chariot, the horse and movement are motifs that Jastram contradicts again and again. His quest to bridge the distance between the beginning and the end of civilization is an endeavor that fails and falls into absurdity. Lonely people squat on endless ladders, shielding themselves with their arms, as if they had long given up the hope of ever reaching their destination ... Perhaps also to preserve the mysteries that shroud Fisherman’s House on its tall stilts, or the tower occupied by meditation."
Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten, 23 March 2006
"... His drawings and sculptures tell of the eternal human struggle for existence and of the circulation of forces; they are about loneliness, focused meditation and self-assertion. Time as one element of life seems endless and silent. Art cannot give all the answers, but it can trigger ideas and emotions. Michael Jastram’s works certainly achieve this, by not disowning tradition, yet refusing to cling to it – thus finding values that are right by his measure. The enigmatic drawings keep tempting the observer into close study; the feeling they evoke lies between joy and the need for solitude. The more their communicative content resides in the images, the less prospect there seems to be of decoding them unambiguously. They leave questions, confusions, and a mystery that only the artist can read ..."
Gabriele Muschter - Catalogue „Michael Jastram“ 2006
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